At JoReMi, we provide a welcoming and supportive environment where you can explore your musical interests and grow as a musician. Regardless of where you are on your musical journey, we cover everything from basic music theory and technique to advanced repertoire and performance skills.

Piano, Voice, & Guitar Lessons

Ages 6 & up

Lessons will provide an opportunity to learn and master the art of playing or singing under the guidance of a skilled instructor.

Offering weekly,  30-minute lessons (voice lessons are 45 minutes) for beginners to advanced players.

*Billed as an 8-week session.

Choir Opportunities

Whether you’re an experienced vocalist looking to improve your singing skills or you’re just starting out and simply enjoy singing with others, our welcoming and supportive group is the perfect place to develop your skills and perform with a passionate, talented group of singers. Our group is open to singers of all ages and backgrounds, and we provide a welcoming and inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and promotes community. Together, we explore a variety of genres with the purpose of building to performance-ready repertoire. Performances can include in-house concerts at the JoReMi studio, community events, and other opportunities as they arise and evolve.

Community Chorus – Children

Ages 4 – 18

Fostering a sense of unity, musical growth, and joy as young voices come together to create beautiful harmonies and celebrate the power of music.

Children’s choir rehearsals are one hour, children from ages 4-18 are welcome to join.

Community Chorus – Adults

Adults of All Ages

Bringing together individuals of various backgrounds and skill levels, providing a welcoming space to connect, express themselves through music, and cultivate a shared passion for choral singing.

Adult choir rehearsals are 90-minutes and are open to adults of all ages. There is a registration fee of $50 and an annual dues fee of $100.

Studio Space Rentals

JoReMi Inc. Studio is available for events and performances including auditions, theatre rehearsals, dance classes, yoga sessions, meditation, blook clubs, discussion groups, speaker events, solo and small group acts.
All fees will be discussed at the time of reservation. 


JoReMi offers financial assistance and scholarship opportunities as we hope to make music education accessible to all. 

Interested in registering for lessons or joining a choir? Fill out this form below and Joe will get back to you regarding pricing. Please indicate if you are seeking financial support.

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