Music heals & it mends.

Our Mission

The mission of JoReMi Inc.  is to provide access to the benefits of high-quality music education, to instill in each student, young and old, that music lives in each of us. Through focused instruction and performance, students achieve excellence in music that translates to other areas of life, fostering growth musically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually, and developing a foundation of responsibility, self-esteem, resilience, and purpose.

JoReMi’s Origin Story

Music saved my life. Literally. During high school, very much the darkest days of my life, I discovered Choir and Theatre. While I lacked confidence in just about everything about myself, I was still drawn to it, like it was calling me.

I had been taking piano lessons from about 3rd grade through 9th grade. I was mediocre at best, yet it still breathed something into me. I auditioned for Concert Choir and somehow I made it in. Fortunately, my high school choir director was, by nature, a kind, entertaining, talented human who inspired us to do our best and gave us the gift of how to craft great music. Little did he know, I was experiencing pretty horrible trauma at home.

At the end of freshman year, I auditioned for show choir. By then, I had been involved with Speech and Debate and the theatre department as well. My drama coach also seemed to see something in me, some potential. I discovered a world that I would later realize was a catalyst for my healing, not to mention it was just fun!!

As an adult, I’ve had the privilege of performing with the International champion a cappella barbershop chorus, the Ambassadors of Harmony. While on those risers, I learned so much about singing, directing, and unifying hearts, minds, and musicality with a large group of fellow singers. Moreover, I learned what it can be to create excellent music that can change lives, for audience members as well as us, the performers! I’ve also been involved in Community Theatre here in St. Louis. Creating a family of fellow theatre devotees and a support network, music and theatre performing continues to be a significant place to express myself, experience the exhilaration of performance, and nurture my continued journey of healing.

I believe this is the power music and performance can have and I am now privileged to have the opportunity to spread this love for it into the community. I am taking all these experiences and combining them with my years of classroom teaching (learning from many mistakes!) and my years in the world of Social Services to bring a very deliberate and mindful approach to the idea that music truly heals and mends.

— Joe Simpson, JoReMi Founder

The Space

JoReMi Studio is located at 3026 Cherokee Street 63118 in St. Louis, MO.

All fees will be discussed at the time of reservation.